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Intuitive energy healer, coach, and lightworker

Monique Sadarangani is an intuitive energy healer, coach, and lightworker. Her work focuses on seeking out the root of fear and assisting people in transforming this into light and love through the use of energy clearing and lightwork. Through intuitive guidance, Monique is able to get to the root of any issue or blockage, and helps people understand themselves at a deeper level in order for them to transform their lives. Monique further utilizes energy clearing tools, Chakra balancing techniques, and other modalities to assist with clearing blockages and maintaining high vibrational energy levels for her clients.

Monique’s work in this area came into being after a rapid ascension process and awakening into her abilities, which stemmed from a chronic disease that nearly cost Monique her life. It was during this time that Monique was able to tap into her ability to manipulate energy and heal deep rooted traumas and fears that she believed were causing physical manifestations in her body. It was also during this period that Monique became aware of the law of attraction. She used herself as a test module to play out the law of attraction and manifestation in her own life and healing journey. 

It was after Monique was able to fully heal from a chronic disease and turn her life into one of despair, heartbreak, loss, and financial ruin to one of abundance and success, that she decided to take her intuitive energy healing to others.  

In addition to being a single mother to her seven year old son, Sammy and long-haired tuxedo cat, Trevor, Monique is also an estate planning attorney and yoga instructor.  She has a Master’s Degree in Asian Religions, certification in Law of Attraction, and is Reiki certified. She is currently working on her first book, which will be a memoir on her own healing journey and proven techniques to achieve a life of abundance.

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