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Monique Sadarangani is an intuitive energy healer, coach, and lightworker. Her work focuses on seeking out the root of fear and assisting people in transforming this into light and love through the use of energy clearing and lightwork.

Monique’s work in this area came into being after a rapid ascension process and awakening into her abilities, which stemmed from a chronic disease that nearly cost Monique her life. It was during this time that Monique was able to tap into her ability to manipulate energy and heal deep rooted traumas and fears that she believed were causing physical manifestations in her body.

Ascension is for everyone, and everyone is welcome here. No matter your background, upbringing, or beliefs, if you are looking for an energy connection or meaningful purpose in life, Ascend is here for you to help guide you on your enlightened path.

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Our Clients Say It Better

Michaela B.

"I found Monique to be knowledgeable and insightful! She offered a combination of astrological and intuitive guidance which was super helpful to me. She helped broaden my perspective and it really assisted me in the challenges I was facing. What a wonderful reading! Highly recommend!"

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Tina P.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Monique at a business retreat. I felt immediately drawn to her kindness, energy and inner beauty. A week later I chose to have a reading with Monique. This was an amazing (& new) experience where not only did she explain what the reading meant, she provided coaching to help me to use what I had learned to improve my life. I strongly recommend that you allow Monique into your inner circle. Her beautiful soul and energy are unmatched and provide comfort and healing. "


If you're new to this journey, you may have a lot of questions. We've complied a list of Frequently Asked Questions just for you.

A Twin Flame, or Twin Soul, also known as a Divine Counterpart, is actually a part of you internally, existing within you at all times throughout your life.. It is said that when your soul came to being, there were select souls that contracted with the Divine to experience the 3D world through multiple lifetimes in order to learn lessons, hardships, and have other experiences in this Earthly World. The Universe, God, Divine Energy (or whatever force you resonate with) split your soul into two parts (Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine polarities). Why? Because as Twin Souls, you contracted to learn the Earthly lessons in order to resonate at a higher level to at some point in time bring humanity back to a place of unconditional love. You see, Twin Souls are one soul divided, but they feel internally at the same level. They are learning through lifetimes in order to come back to the place of oneness.  

Very few on this planet have met their true Twin Soul in physical form. Those who have, may not even be in a relationship or in contact at all with their Twin because Twins are inherently meant to bring up any deep wounds within the other that still require healing in order to get to a place of unconditional love. The deep, soul level love that Twin Souls have for one another allows for a deep inner and outer transformation. This usually starts upon initial contact with your Twin Soul in the 3D physical world, and eventually, if an intimate relationship persists, spurs a Kundalini awakening of both counterparts that begins a fast paced “Ascension” process.

While a Twin Flame is usually a romantic and intimate relationship, the purpose of the Twin Flames uniting is to spark this Ascension in order to awaken each Twin into their true soul identity and purpose. Twin Flames always have a divine mission that they are meant to fulfill together, but this can only be achieved after they are awakened, healed, and eradicate the karmic patterns adopted in the 3D reality they are in.

Not all individuals encounter their Twin Flame in this lifetime.   

Have you had a strong belief in your heart that your perfect partner exists out there? Are you an adult who believes in, and longs for, the fairy-tale relationship? Do you long for a partner who satisfies you in all forms:  mind, body, and soul? Are you someone who does not feel you have fit in as a child, or throughout your lifetime, and you are never satisfied in any romantic relationship fully? Are you an empath who loves and cares deeply for humanity?   If this describes you, then your Twin Flame may be there in this lifetime seeking you, too.

Akashic Records are like an energetic library of information, ranging from past, present, or future events, experiences, or feelings/emotions. The Akashic realm is said to be the highest energetic realm, and holds every single thought, action, and experience throughout your soul journey.

The word “Akashic” is derived from the word Akasha, which in Sanskrit means a myriad of things, including “ancient matter”, “heavens, and “space.”

There are ways to access your personal Akashic Records, which may provide guidance, or understanding into a situation, or even just helping you feel “unstuck” in your journey.

Chakras are focal points of energy (prana) throughout the physical body. There are seven main chakras that run along the spine and connect to your major organs and central nervous system: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.  

To function at their best, chakras need to stay open or balanced. When one chakra is thrown off balance, it may affect the other chakras above it, thus causing blocks in one’s ability to attract abundance and flow easily in one’s life.  

Clearing and balancing chakras regularly, as well as providing deep rooted healing for major chakra blockages can help one easily manifest abundance and attract positive situations and people into one’s life.

As we go through our own spiritual journey and life experiences, our chakras can become unbalanced. 

Chakras can easily become congested due to interactions with other people, circumstances and traumas in our life (both big and small).  

If a chakra is low on energy, you might have difficulty expressing a particular emotion or qualities associated with that chakra.

If a chakra is overactive and gives off too much energy, the qualities can become a dominant force and can have both physical and emotional effects.

As children, we experience life in a certain way from our childhood perspective. Our relationship with our parents or caregivers, our experiences as children, friendships, feelings of love or lack, and even abuse and other trauma. These experiences are the first impressions that are upon us, which we carry into our adulthood. Whether we realize it or not, these experiences early on in life play a key role in how we perceive the world as adults.  

If one’s experience, for example, was loss or neglect from a key caregiver at an early age, then as an adult, a fear of abandonment can easily carry forth into that adult’s interpersonal relationships subconsciously. Many times, these childhood issues play out into adulthood over and over again, thus conditioning the adult brain to believe that there is something wrong internally with them. For example, one may feel they always attract partners who end up cheating on them or leaving them suddenly.  

Each adult has an “inner child”. Many times, when scenarios are played out in our adult lives throughout relationships (with people, money, careers, etc.) that we keep reliving and which are “negative” or troublesome, there is likely an issue that requires resolution from childhood. Inner Child work may involve a combination of healing modalities in order to clear the blocks and heal, including intuitive healing guidance, targeted guided meditations, coaching, and chakra work.

Spiritual coaching is a type of one-on-one coaching that assists individuals with their higher self. Whether you are lost as to your life purpose, or are just feeling stuck in a job or career, spiritual coaching can assist you in learning and guiding you through the process of finding your spiritual gifts and true life purpose.

Spiritual coaching is also beneficial for those who are already on the journey of ascension or on a Twin Flame journey. Coaching is beneficial to have a trusted person who has been through the journey and understands, in order to ease and assist with the process.

Many of us have heard of a “trigger”, but not many know what a “glimmer” is…

A trigger is an emotional response to a present event or circumstance that arises from a past experience that was based on a traumatic or otherwise unpleasant event that stuck with us in our subconscious. Therefore, the current triggering event may not even look anything like the original event, however, something within that current triggering event sets off the neural pathways that relate to the original traumatic event. This, in turn, sets off an internal subconscious response within the person’s nervous system that literally puts that person mentally, emotionally, and physically in the original experience.  

Understanding and healing triggers is essential for full somatic healing of our nervous systems, and it is key for working through issues that come up related to interpersonal relationships.

A glimmer, on the other hand, are those experiences that bring us internal joy and peace.  They are not as talked about as triggers, but they are just as important. Glimmers can be the simple joys you had as a child that put a smile on your face as an adult when you experience them or recall them. They can be moments with loved ones that bring internal peace or bring back fond memories.  

Understanding our glimmers are equally as important as understanding our triggers.  Focusing on glimmers in our life and using known glimmers to our advantage may help assist in healing.

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