The Journey of Ascension

The Oxford Dictionary defines “Ascension” as “the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.”  There are a variety of levels that one can ascend in a particular lifetime. To ascend on a spiritual level, the process known commonly as ascension, can take one from one level of mindfulness to the next, little by little, or it can be a transformative LEAP in a short period of time. Yet again, there are many people living on Earth that never ascend past their mediocre 3D existence.  

The level one ascends during one’s lifetime has much to do with that particular soul’s journey in their NOW human body, and what agreements were made prior to the soul taking on the form it is currently existing within the physical realm.

For example, perhaps in THIS LIFETIME, a soul is not made to experience a spiritual awakening journey or a purpose that is meant to provide for the greater good of human kind in some way, shape, or form. The soul’s purpose in THIS LIFETIME could be to experience certain 3D ideals, such as material comforts, caring for a child, or some other lesson to be learned by the soul. Another soul on this Earth could have the contract in THIS LIFETIME of learning a multitude of lessons through sickness, heartache, turmoil, and distress, only to lead him or her to a path of a grand awakening in order to give back to others and humanity. Each soul’s journey is different in a particular lifetime, and each is equally important for that particular soul and serves a purpose.

For those souls that go through ascension at a high level, there are few that talk about their ascension or “awakening” spiritual journey. This lack of discussion to the outer world may be because of a feeling that others may not understand what they are experiencing (since it is a rare journey), but also namely because to ascend spiritually is a process that involves a great deal of darkness.  

“Shadow Work”, as many call it, is a theme throughout the ascension process, as the individual human self goes through multiple deaths and rebirths…ultimately this process reveals the true soul self within. If we think about the actual human process of death and birth, it is a messy, difficult process, full of pain, blood, sweat, and tears.  

The birth of an infant, for example, entering into the world from the mother’s womb depicts the awakening process perfectly. The first slow growth process within the womb can begin to cause symptoms for the mother carrying the fetus within, as she experiences symptoms of morning sickness, body swelling, water retention, pain and other changes. As her body grows and changes both internally and externally, as the fetus also grows within, the body creates a beautiful system of support and nourishment for the new life within. At the time when the baby is ready to be born, the shock to the system and body for both baby and mother is extreme, with excruciating pain for the mother, and a shock to the system to baby entering into the 3D world out of the safety of the womb. Blood, sweat, pain are (as well as emotional trauma and changes) are present.

Death, just like birth, has similar processes.

Now, think of your soul essentially enduring these stages while living this experience and existence in your physical body…making changes mentally, physically, spiritually…not knowing what is going on within and without as the soul navigates how to integrate and process what is happening.

Those going through the ascension process are often in a state of despair, feeling alone and without proper support from their regular group of friends, family, and co-workers they before felt akin to. And, rightly so…because this process is so unique.

If you are going through a process of soul level proportions, it is always beneficial to seek out those who have gone through the process before and know how to navigate the murkiness of the experience. Contacting an ascension/spiritual coach can provide valuable insight and techniques that allow for more ease through the process.

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